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What really lies beneath our personality facade? How can we connect with our deep and true nature?

First Vision

Lighting Narratives Collection

"Rather than only a function to make surroundings visible, light is also a tool to create environments.

Environments we want to engage in and burst out. An atmosphere to embrace and cherish. Illumination for reach and bear. Source to live.

This light installation is created by sculptural mechanisms bringing illuminating and therapeutic environments.

While geometric forms with metal-based materials are about the brutality;

the light its creating is shifting environments into the euphoric and gentle atmospheres. 

The contrast between industrial sculptures and it's healing light output is referring to a core paradox in our daily lives.

The politic and social chaos surrounding us and the hope we all living within; no matter what.

And it is worth to say that light only will be found in darkness. The good will be found in bad. Miracles will come in despairing moments.

We all will be illuminated when nothing is lighted anymore"

Reflection of my work by Omer Derdiyok

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