"Catastrophe and the Power or Art" at Mori,Tokyo

-"Felix Gonzalez- Torres Born 1957 Cuba, and died 1996 in Florida, USA. "Untitled (Beginning) 1994 Strands of beads, hanging device Private collection This work, in which green- based plastic beaded curtains hanging down to the floor, is part of the "Untitled" series (1991-1995) which brought the flasyh, cheap looking curtains often seen in gay bars in the Unitated States bringing into the gallery. In the work, the viewer must intentionally go though the curtain, leading to the experience of a new beginning, as the title indicates. Moreover, by changing shape each time the viewer passes or physically touches it, the curtain expresses the themes of mutability and intimacy that frequently appe

Team Lab - Tokyo

During the trip to Japan, I went to Tokyo to see Team Lab, a studio that works with immersive art. Description of the journey The experience was very much immersive, visually, emotionally and physically. The projections and themes engaging around people who were completly into the present, which this point I find very interesting because in the society we are always distracted by second noises around us and we tent to leave the present to another time, if it comes. Antoher point were the interaction between the audience with the installation, an harmony energy around the indoor space, kind of lightness and positivness around it . It could be interesting whether, also, going forawrd the aim o

Medium for FLIP-Dots Designart Tokyo

Interesting how the automatic movement engaged the viewer. Tiny circular elements, presumably in plastic, programmed by arduino, kept finding different compositions. Interesting to know how many composition in a set of 4 places a circles could achieve. Founded topics: - velocity - perfection - interaction with viewer - technology - sounds - sensory system - engaging An interesting website that explain how they actually did it can be found as follows: https://medium.com/coinmonks/flip-dot-display-with-arduino-and-rs485-shield-ca2cec1b971a #arduino #movement

The beauty of Nature

Photo of a rainbow taken in a park in Tokyo (2018) Beauty, Olafur Eliasson (1993) "Artwork description & Analysis: Since the beginning of his career, Eliasson has endeavored to conceive visually impactful work with sincerity rather than irony. Completed while still a student at the Royal Danish Academy of Art, Beauty consists of a single spotlight illuminating a section of perforated tubing. When water is pumped through the tube, thousands of tiny water droplets cascade out, producing a curtain of mist, which then reflects the light to produce a rainbow. The sublime work both glorifies and dissects an environmental wonder, revealing Eliasson's unique ability to poetically interpret a scienti

Biennale of architecture Venice. What inspired me

This year, the Biennale of Architecture in venice is curated by architects Yvonne Farrell and Shelley McNamara who selected the theme ‘Freespace’. I have seen lots of interesting installations and I gathered lot of ideas, from The "Gardini" to the "Arsenale" and the "satellite" spaces around the city. CONDITION ICEFIORD CENTRE, ILULISSAT, GREENALD Installation: This immersive light/ architecture installation bring the experience of natural daylight- and sometimes the lack of it in the Artic. During the summertime, light shines 24 hours and during the winter time there is the absent of it, where, just the reflection onto the snow can let people have some light. “The infinity and the scale of

SAD Lamp

SAD Lamp by James Mosely During the Design Week 2018 in London, I came across a Seasonal Affective Disorder Product Light developed by J. Mosely. It has been the first product with an aesthetically pleasing design that I came across after seeing all the SAD Lamps with white panels on the market (function over form). I am very interested in the idea of combining well-considered aesthetics with a solid scientific base in my future products #SAD #lamp #Lightingproduct #DesignWeek2018London #function

Piova Lamp

-" PIOVA (Lamp) Designer : Damiano Frison LARCH WOOD AND GLASS LAMP Sometimes water closes in on Venice from above. Raindrops crash into circles on the city's liquid surface, creating light ripples and playfully chiselling the waves. The game continues out of the sea, in blurry, distorted reflections under the vaults of bridges and porticos (sottoporteghi), the only shelters in this city of water. To echo these lively dynamics, Piova is designed to be easy to move and to create evocative drawings of light in any space. -" Reference: on the leaflet given during the exhibition, Venice. During the trip to Venice I found a small but well planned exhibition of Lunardelli, a space where some desig

This journal documents the development of my MA project in Visual Arts and Design Maker at Camberwell College of Art, University of the Arts London, 2017-2019.

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