prot. 01 - Polishing the inside of the pipe

Aggiornato il: 5 lug 2019

Aim: Polishing the inside of the pipes

Materials: copper, brass, aluminium

The first polish material that I used was "Brasso Wadding Metal Brass Copper Chrome Polish Brasso Cleaner".

After shining the light through the pipe the light effect was still weak and not as good quality as the other brass pipe with the thinner wall thickness.

A metalworker suggested me to use 2 different types of polisher:

- Meguiar's G13005EU NXT Generation All Metal Polish 142g

- Town Talk Unrivalled Anti-Tarnish Brass & Copper Polish, 250ml


before I used the Meguiar which is thicker; I put it onto a microfibre cloth, inserted it into the tube and rotated it by hand.

Secondly I used Town Talk, which had a more liquid and refined consistency.

Polishing the inside of a brass pipe

After doing it for the brass, I did for the copper and the aluminium pipe.


After this process, the light effect shining though the inside of the pipe was very strong, golden and defined with multiple circles and a perimetral golden gradient.

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