During the process of planning my the Research Sharing I had realised that my first LightArt Installation that I made in Gandria (Switzerland) before coming to London, was the precursor of 3years later MA topic: light and its quality.

After having said that, I picked and printed the photos that most represented the experience and showed at the beginning of the space during my Research Sharing.

On the I-pad I, also, ran the video of Cokùn to show the atmosphere of the past event.

I will write the statement of the experience reporting the concept of Cokùn below.

The Cokùn interactive art installation was displayed in the Spazio Mutaforma in Gandria village, for 4 months in 2015.

The work represents an interpretation of the concept of a bio-plasmic body and

synthesises the main aspects, projecting them into a new, timeless, dimension.

The combination of situations, experiences, circumstances, feelings, emotions,

coincidences and episodes represent the history of every human being.

Cokùn represents the continuing evolution of our magnetic field, the plot and the

deployment of forces constantly in mutation.

Every single person is embraced by Cokùn, which can be of different texture, size, transparency and brightness.

A forest of grid’s cylinders invade the environment (the reserve Cokùn) animated by

a performer. A strong light rains down on the visitors and invite him to walk towards the mirror. “Your reflection will tell you who is in front of you. ”

An intense purple light covers the outline of a sleeping person and a gush of water

forms the background in this fragment of space.

On one wall a video of photo development is the background while the visitor is immersed in this imaginative and oneiric atmosphere with the slow and continuous movement of the performers.

The systematic repetition of elements of a given shape plays a primary role in immersing the visitors in the dream-like atmosphere.

This is a three-dimensional work consisting of media, objects and forms of expression.

The viewer becomes an integral part of the installation during the journey.

The materials and lights are fundamental components, the empty and the full spaces draw the path and the sounds complete the scene, all enveloped by a spatial harvest, harmonious and unique.

People who came and took a selfie photograph,expressing the reality that everybody are different with different stories and emotions.

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