Collaboration and being collaborative

-"Great things in business are never done by one person. They're done by a team

of people.-"

(Steve Jobs)

Moreover, -"It is the interaction between multiple bodies that produces the world,

not a singular action inside the individual mind.-" (Collaborative Craft Capabilities:

The Bodyhood of Shared Skills, Otto von Busch,137)

An example of collaboration is expressed by Marina Abramovic:

-‘one similarity between performance and sport that I wanted to highlight in this

video is the importance of group collaboration, ‘when Ulay and I originally

performed the piece work relation in 1978, the power of collective strength came

through in the performance. I believe that it is important to learn from other

disciplines in order to bring new life to whatever it is that you do. This is something

at the heart of my institute, MAI, and something that I felt was important to convey

in this video, which was itself a collaborative project.’



Collaboration is a powerful instrument to use. I love using this tool with professionals

figures who work in completely different fields from mine. We live in a world where humans have different mindsets and sensibilities.

In order to be successful, organisations need people with different mindsets,

for instance people who are good at details and also employees

who see the big picture. The synergy between those mindsets can produce successful and powerful results.

Therefore, collaboration with children is also infinitely beautiful and really subtle.

Moments spent with young boys and girls without any kind of barriers against life,

without any kind of preconceptions and judgments can be so stimulating and so

incredibly thrilling. If we let them enter inside ourselves we could get the best

collaboration ever.

-"I’ve always heard that childhood ends with losing your innocence, but it doesn’t

have to be so sad, like a piece of fruit falling from a tree. Adulthood can be filled

with joy. Adulthood can be like falling up. I’m an adult, but I’ll always be the same

kid on the inside, proudly so.-"

(I am an adult, but I am still a kid inside, By Nico Lang, June 26th 2012

Professional collaboration is essential in almost all fields – both with like-minded associates and those working in other environments. Collaboration with children is essential if artists are to reflect the sense of innocence; wonder and awe that is such a magical part of childhood. Most importantly, in my opinion, is the connection between an individual and his soul.

I’d like to recount a personal experience from my past to illustrate this point. Some years ago, I had to make a choice between A and B. Since I was very young, I had always wanted A. I was certain that A was the right choice for me: it was very specific and offered clarity and security for the future. It was the best for me and for those who are close to me. There was no doubt in my mind.

When the time came to make the decision, I chose B. B was unknown to me and I had no idea where my decision would take me. I connected with my soul, with my feelings and my intuition. I recognised that I had changed and I identified something new within myself which was showing me the immensity of beauty and completion in the world. The vital words in this context are: awareness; spontaneity and honesty within yourself.

As a qualified interior architect I could say that every moment that I am on site to

collaborate with builders, engineers, carpenters, etc, there is a form of magical

collaboration. However, does the space collaborate with us?

The first answer would be that the space is interacting with you, but I would try to

state the opposite.

I heard a lot of architects say that space has a soul. We need scientific

proof for that. Don't we?

Could we recognize a soul in a space, in a space that we, as artists, architects,

designers are constantly changing and modifying trying to reach perfection?

It is 7 am and I start to enter a new space. Natural light is coming through a window and there is a smell of newly-plastered walls. I can feel the draught caused by a badly-fitted window frame. I am in the middle of this space, watching time pass as the light on the floor changes shape. Every moment of changing light and colour is precious. After a while I know what colour will cover the plastered walls. Now the painter will add colour to these walls and that colour will remain in this space, perhaps for decades.... who knows? The light; the space, the colours connected with my soul because I had sought, and found, what I was looking for......

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