John Pawson On Colour

– In conversation with Michael Craig-Martin

John Pawson talks about architecture, photography and colour, with his longstanding friend, the artist Michael Craig-Martin.

Reference to Max Gordon architect-

Relevance discussed topics:


John's trip to Japan

Dematerialisation concept in art

-"Whenever you are it is beautiful to photograph, I can do both, watching and taking photos at the same time"-

Photos that he takes are conceptual, they shows the materiality of objects, texture, patterns, forms, light.

Photos are really important to build a project.

Collecting, Editing, cataloging is a process to get a final result.

About colours, colours change with the light. We see the way that we perceive, the colour is not in the object.

Colours change base on the altitude, the place where you are. The journey, travelling is very important to understand the settle difference between the colour change.

Craig: - " do you see yourself a composer? -

Pawson: - " I can say ...yes. "

Craig:-" There are two different type of composers: constructor and moulders. They are two different type of artists."

Craig: -" Architecture and Design are not art, but there are a lot of conjunctions. -"

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