Presenting the work in progress

My work in progress summed in a short presentation.

My project is about experimenting with light's ability to engage with people's perception and mental and physical health.

I have started to look into how light interacts with a simple transparent acrylic circle look at the light direction and the three main components:


How the source of light is important to my study, positions wise, intensity and dimensions.


The fact or phenomenon of light, being deflected in passing obliquely through a medium of varying density. Refraction happens when light is bent as it moves. Instead of going in a straight line, it appears to turn, curve or bend.


The characteristic of being easy to see through


The throwing back by a body or surface of light, heat, or sound without absorbing it.

I started to introduce METAL WIRES in an undefined and random shape.

The main outcome was how shadow can be transformed into the main actor.

I experimented another material, a type of black foam with holes.

How light can define an element in relation with the position, with the movement, with also the intensity of light.

I experimented glass wax. Its characteristics are:

- transparency

- reflectivity

- extreme fragile

- after a time it becomes sticky

- malleable when hot but you have to be very fast to shape it

- can achieve organic shapes

The reflection that the glass wax produced reminded a lot of people of water giving them a calm and quiet sensation.

It was more like an organic element moving around.

I then started to combine 2 elements, metal and glass wax, seeing how they interact together.

The characteristic of the glass wax is that you can manipulate it with your own movement and gravity obviously has to take in consideration.

It can become a material which is extremely fragile but at the same time it gives a feeling of clarity and preciosity.


Video presented at the Work in Progress Show:

Work in progress photos:

Outcome from the Work in progress show:

the enthusiasm of the participants in interacting with my exhibit, specifically in manipulating the projected effect of the light by moving the light source gave me inspiration to pursue the idea of flexibility and custom design.

That is creating a product that is not rigid in its effect but malleable to end-users desire.

#contrast #glasswax #flexibility #metal #lightinstallation #lightshapes

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