Project proposal - 1°

My project focuses on the interaction between design and emotions.

I am really interested in research on human perception and consciousness, how light and sound can transform human behaviour, and also how a space can transform human emotions.

Nowadays, aggression; sadness; stress; frustration and suppressed emotions are problems that are not always recognized, but these factors can be the cause of the majority of the illnesses in the world and can be obstacles to improving the wellbeing of humanity.

It is stated that emotions (positive or negative) affect us physically.

Some examples:

From: Research at the Stanford University School of Medicine, short bouts of stress can boost immunity and raise levels of cancer;

When you’re consumed with jealousy, Effect: raised blood pressure, heart rate and adrenalin levels, weakened immunity and anxiety

Another example, a long-term study in Michigan looked at women who suppressed their anger in confrontations with their partners and found that they had twice the risk of dying from conditions such as heart attack, stroke or cancer. There are many other examples.

In this case I would like to work with an artifact which can recognize those feelings and help individuals to acknowledge the emotion, embrace it and if they are prepared to do so, to transform negativity into positivity.

Following these points, we can now move on to consider the basic interaction between a therapist and a patient.

We can say that the patient usually needs to be willing to change something. The therapist shows them their blind spots, the things they have not seen.

This therapy therefore increases the patient’s awareness, the lessons are learnt, the changes are made and the result is increased positivity.

My research is experimenting with a series of different movements through lights in space. Human beings, emotions and sensations are always at the focus of my work.

Wax was the first material experimented with, for its special properties of fragility and transparence. The focus was on how light interacts with the material and how the material creates an ambience within the space.

Layers of wax sheets are hung from the ceiling and a source of light is manually moved around, looking at the potential emotions that a space can create.

The experience started by experimenting with layers of sheets, because this could be a representation of the skin of a human body.

Interviewing Andrew + Sitraka studio, interaction designers, was really interesting.

I noted that technology is a pivotal point of their projects and taking data from coding and processing is a fundamental part of the process of their projects.

I asked them how accurate their data was and how precise they are."- It is most of the time interpretation. -" Sitraka said. A dictionary definition of interpretation is: an explanation or opinion of what something means.

An opinion, which can be subjective and be open to discussion.

Interpretation will also be used in my project, talking about emotional experiences, which will have variables depending on people’s ages; situations; environments and other factors.

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