Shadow- reflection Circularity process

" It would be an infinitely brilliant spectacle as an immobile decoration where everything would be in harmony, but what would it be like if movement and a regular, measured, harmonic, and quick movement animated all, giving it a sort of life? It would be a charm, a glory, a paradise!" (A)

(A) Louis Bertrand Castel, "The art of Light and Colour" by Tom Douglas Jones, p. 17

Manually moved light:

Automatic rotatory movement experiment

acrylic shards, wooden circular MDF, motor, source of light LED

I started to introduced a mechanical movement.

This experiment speaks about a close relationship between the object and the projection.

If the viewer sees the projection, he can understand, by also not seeing it, that there is a rotatory object and HOW the projection is created.

Cognitive psychologists Moshe Bar and Maitan Neta conducted an experiment which as a result they summarised the thesis:

- angular shapes tend to trigger fear and therefore aversion and dislike

- the circle embodies all of the attributes that attract us: it is a safe, gentle, pleasant, graceful, dreamy, and even beautiful shape that evokes calmness, peacefulness, and relaxation.

Most of the research in this area seems to point out an evident truth: we prefer shapes and objects that evoke safety and are not so fond of objects with sharp angles and pointed features, as they suggest threat and injury: think of the thorns and spines of a plant, the sharp teeth of an animal, or the cutting edge of a rock.


The projection that the movement creates it smooth and constant.

The flat shapes of the reflection and shadow appear to become 3 dimensional when projected, rotating on their axes, overlapping each other creating the illusion of infinite depth.

I see this object with potentials. Developing more the COMPOSITION inside the circle could introduce us to a totally new realm, working with concave or convex reflection materials, softer shapes, rounder shapes, multiple light sources, etc.

It could be an interesting object to trigger our SENSORY SYSTEM.

Rotatory movement:

Circle making process:

#reflection #circularity #shadow #rotation #movement #composition #sensorysystem

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