Experimenting metal

Brass profiles - L shape

Brass sheets

Copper pipes

Rotatory manual movement

Brass rings

Metal has got the amazing capacity of transferring its colour to a light projection in a subtle way.

In relation with light, metal has got the characteristic of reflectivity.

Depending on the texture of it, it can produce interesting patterns and depending on the positioning of the light source those patterns can be manipulated and transformed.

Metal can be produced in infinite different shapes, and in industrial applications these shapes are usually precise and clear.

Incorporating this material into my light experiments gives a feeling of solidity yet strangeness.


I am interested in candles as a lighting source. Which category should candle light sit in? Artificial or natural? While the candle is a human invention, fire is an element.

I would like to experiment more with this source of light because I am interested in the soft and warm effect that the candlelight gives, the gentle vertical oscillation of the flame and the texture and soft aesthetic of wax..

#metal #lighteffects

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