A short memoir/autobiographical reflection

I come from a small village where most people work in agriculture or in small local businesses.

It is a wonderful place, quiet and safe. Children play outside without any problems, there are amazing green areas and the air is fresh and clean.

On the other hand, there aren’t many opportunities to grow and see the world from a bigger perspective.

I left home when I was 18 years old and since that time I have changed a lot. I have given value to topics that weren't so important to me previously. I understand the difference between being alone and being lonely, the amazing value of friendship and what I understand most of all is that life is not just about earning money to survive , it is not about putting a stereotypical mask on every morning to complete a daily routine.

There is a great poem by Shel Silverstine, an American writer known for his cartoons, songs and children's books: " She had blue skin, and so did he, he kept it hid, and so did she, they searched for blue, their whole life through, then passed right by, and never knew."

Lauren Mowbras gives a really clear overview of this poem: "- The masks are so big that the characters behind them struggle to be visible at all. In actuality, the characters don’t really have blue skin. The blue simply represents their “true colors”—their quirks, their values, their beliefs, their talents, their weaknesses, and their passions. It symbolizes everything that makes them who they are. And yet, they both feel compelled to disguise themselves. The poem ends with the two never finding one another because they failed to reveal who they truly are." [A ]

I believe that we have a fragment of moment, which is called life. In this time we are meant to do something. What if we think of improving one little spot in this huge world? If we do this something magic will happen because someone will benefit. What exists which is more important that the wellbeing of humanity? I believe nothing.

It might be that someone has a talent for taking care of people, someone else for composing music and so on.

My heart and my brain have brought me to the design sector, but I feel that the word design is too simple. Design can be an object and at the same time it can be a whole life pattern. This undefined and deep-meaning word thrills me. An entire imaginative world can be designed to let people feel better because it might be that we are all living in a life frequency of dreams and nobody can prevent us from dreaming. Dreams; thoughts, feelings and emotions are all part of a magic and personal sphere and through them we can float in a sensational mood of beauty if we choose to do so.

I have no idea who I am going to be; where, and for how long. I just wake up in the morning happy to be doing what I am doing.

I have a bachelor degree in interior design and I have been working in this field for almost eight years. I love my work but some time ago I realised that I am doing A job, not THE job.

I felt very strongly that the time was right to walk away from the black chair in front of the computer and move onto a more challenging chapter of my career development, a Master.

I quit a well-paid job in London and I started to work in a smaller interior design practice part time which allows me to attend the Master that I had aspired to for a long time.

I don't see this master as a 2-year course at the end of which I receive a piece of paper, but as a transformation of my inner self, both emotionally and intellectually.

While I am working with materials I forget everything else and the connection that I feel with what I love doing is indescribable. This is my raison d’être.

My aim is to connect with my inner realisation, my objective is finding my talent and the best that I am capable of achieving and... achieving without any limitation, because I believe that if you find that magical part within yourself then you can also contribute significantly to the betterment of wider society.

[A ] Lauren Mowbray, (10 December 2014)Authenticity. The cornerstone of leadership. Retrieved from https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/authenticity-cornerstone-lauren/

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