Lumiere- 2018 London


Architecture Social Club, a British collective of designers, architects, technicians and poets, presents Aether, an emotive and powerful light and sound installation.

Music producer Max Cooper. It was fascinating artwork which connected form, colour and music to our emotions, creating an interactive sensory experience.


In Granary Square, Daan Roosegaarde a Dutch artist, transformed the square into an ethereal dream-like landscape. The work was inspired by our changing relationship to water, the risk we all face if immediate action is not taken to tackle global warming and rising sea levels, and innovator.

It was an immersive sensation for the viewer.

The project's aim was to sensitize people to the actual global problems that humanity faces:

flooding, water level rise, global warming.

The main questions to the viewer were: Can we build floating cities? How much power can we generate from the movement of water?"

#ethereal #immersiveart #sensorysystem

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