Rotation movement experiment

A rotation movement motor was assembled and an LED positioned onto it.

I experimented with the rotating movement of the light source in a circular loop close to a copper pipe.

The effect was projected on to an acrylic sheet

Result of the experiment:

The effect onto the acrylic sheet gives the sensation of an infinite journey through a tunnel.

Gradients of pink as a result of the copper colour gives quality to the effect.

The questioning point was the noise that the motor created, so I have chosen to not show it during the Interim Summer Show because I wanted a quiet space where people could, in silence, experience the moment without any motor noise in the background.

It will be a interesting motor to make some future experiment with when I need a rotatory loop but I always need to be conscious of the noise emitted by any mechanism.

#motor #rotatorymovement #copperpipe #lightprojection #lightexperiment

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