Experimental machinery – "Sculpturing Light 02"

Sculpturing Light 02

The fundamental elements of the experiment housed in the bottom of the pedestal:

It is an experimental machine. It has an imposing aesthetic – like the director of the scene and experience that takes place before our eyes.

Participation. Like in Sculpturing Light 01, audience interaction was encouraged but in this experiment the audience had the chance to control the light source which sat on a runner and could freely slide back and forth projecting its beam through thick steel pipes of various shapes.

Space and movement. The object opens up into the space and involves some manually moving objects.

Perception The horizontal movement and subsequent projections gave a transitory visual effect. People commented on the light effects putting them in mind of locomotive travel, speeding cars and space flight.

Preparation and collaboration with Kevin.

Manual mechanism to slide the source of light LED

Process history:

Led light moving manually horizontally

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