Experimental machinery "Sculpturing Light" 01 - Interim Summer Show

Positioning the I-phone camera inside the brass pipe...

Sculpturing Light 01

The fundamental elements of the experiment housed in the top of the pedestal:

It is an experimental machine. It has an imposing aesthetic – like the director of the scene and experience that takes place before our eyes.

Participation. The goal of my experiment was to activate in the audience a process of interest and understanding of how the effects were produce by the machine. When the viewer discovered that the effect was produced by simply putting a source of light proportionate in size and intensity with the diameter of the pipe there was a "wow factor" and more questions and interests arose after that. The viewer was encouraged to interact with the projection surface which could be moved closer and further away from the light source.

My aim, also, was to challenge the emotional side of the viewers' perception – that is, his feeling and his thought.

Space and movement. the object opens up into the space and involves some manually moving objects.

Perception Sculpturing Light aims to challenge our sensory system and investigate how light phenomenon influences perception and mental and physical health. My project also examines how photons interact with specific materials, shapes and textures.

“The magical properties of light and colour… have forever held fascination. It would be delightful… if a thing of such psychological beauty – colour – also held a mundane role in human psychological well-being” – Faber Birren


Organising the metal pipes, ordering them by material and diameter:

Pedastal making:

#metalpipes #lighteffect #phenomenon #lightshapes

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