Light patterns around us. Natural Light

Video taken in Peckham Road on July 2018

Serie of pattern taken on the pavement. Light trough the fronds of tree.

Why this pattern intrigues me?

Dark parts as a result of the shadow produced by the tree fronds versus some brighter areas of the concrete pavement with a clear geometry of the grouts. But the geometry in this case is not the primarily subject. In this context the organic pattern lasting for a very short time on a common and crowded pavement path is the main attraction.

The ephemeral light and the movement are the main characters. They are playing an important role in the contest such as depth, movement, alive context, feeling of sunny day.

Video taken in my living room, 4pm, natural light trough the window and plants. July 2018.

How the natural things can produce such as interesting pattern.

What is thrilling our emotions in this context ?

Is it the movement, is it the pattern formed onto the white wall?

Serie of pattern taken on to the internal wall. Light trough the fronds of tree and sash window.

#naturallight #patterns #geometry #shadow #surface #texture

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