Experimental Lighting 03 - Interim Summer Show

Experiment showed during the Interim Summer show.

In this work, I used a copper pipe as a conductor of the light source, a circular wooden platform with a motor underneath and white silica sand (for use in an aquarium).

The viewer was encouraged to play with the exhibit and after understanding the simplicity of it was very interested to interact with both elements – the light source and the projection surface of the sand.

My intention in this experiment was to see how the effect played onto a different material and a 3D surface. The ripples of the sand distorted the projection changing a pure geometrical pattern into a dissolution of its form. Still perfect yet organic.

The response to this piece was that the viewer found it IMMERSIVE – both meditative and relaxing, which has been a positive response to my aim of holistic questions relating to peoples' emotions.

Preparation history:

At the beginning my intention was to operate the this experiment with an automatic motor welded onto the metal disc.

Setting up the scene I realised that the motor was way too noisy and it was in contrast with what I wanted to express.

My space was intended to be a meditative immersive journey with the maximum silence possible and a loud motor noise would compromise it.

In the workshop...

Motor making process:

Finding materials:

#copperpipe #sand #rotatorymovement #meditative #interaction

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