Moholy-Nagy, László: Light-Space-Modulator

-"László Moholy-Nagy was the first artist to combine light projections with kinetic sculpture.

Between 1922 and 1930, he developed his Licht- Raum- Modulator (Light space modulator).

The object consists of motor-driven plates, grids, and rods of polished metal.

Illuminated by spotlights and light bulbs, the mechanism produces shadows and reflections of light which expand the sculpture in a way that László Moholy-Nagy defined as "painting with Light", explaining that "the actual work of art is not the material apparatus; rather it is first created by the interplay of moving reflections of light. " -"

from the book Olafur Eliasson Your Lighthouse, p.33

When we speak about artificial light, there is always an element around it, which can be as support or decoration. It could be very simple and technical like the bulb holder and the wire, the bulb itself depending which kind of bulb we would like to use.

There is the produced effect sometimes we take for granted, sometimes we don't consider it, it is defined by the light source and the actual mechanism around it, which shape, texture, material, geometry and scale is involved.

There is something interesting and fascinating in the effect produced by any kind of materials.

In the László Moholy-Nagy work, metal is the main material.

I have been fascinating by metal surfaces since the beginning of January and I think it has an great potential.

The light effect produced by them type of metal gives its own colour, soft and subtle with a quality gradient.

The composition is very important, the chosen shapes and dimensions will gather in the final composition and it will be important to the viewer.

Some interesting questions are rose from this object:

How to control the light effect?

Which type of form do I want to give to an effect ?

Is it an object can sit into a domestic space?

Is the light effect all controlled or is it a partial composition where the artist let to

#lightinstallation #metal #rotatorymovement #reflection #shadow #lightprojection

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