Piova Lamp

-" PIOVA (Lamp)

Designer : Damiano Frison


Sometimes water closes in on Venice from above. Raindrops crash into circles on the city's liquid surface, creating light ripples and playfully chiselling the waves. The game continues out of the sea, in blurry, distorted reflections under the vaults of bridges and porticos (sottoporteghi), the only shelters in this city of water. To echo these lively dynamics, Piova is designed to be easy to move and to create evocative drawings of light in any space. -"


on the leaflet given during the exhibition, Venice.

During the trip to Venice I found a small but well planned exhibition of Lunardelli, a space where some designed object were exhibited.

The lamp showed above represents the concept that I has been pursued till now in the university course, summarised a nature concept using light and effect produced by the object.

The designer used pattern glass and the source of light is separated by about 15 cm from it.

It is interesting how the glass has been designed to reproduce a natural effect.

#lighteffect #lamp #glass #thebeautyofnature

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