Biennale of architecture Venice. What inspired me

This year, the Biennale of Architecture in venice is curated by architects Yvonne Farrell and Shelley McNamara who selected the theme ‘Freespace’.

I have seen lots of interesting installations and I gathered lot of ideas, from The "Gardini" to the "Arsenale" and the "satellite" spaces around the city.


This immersive light/ architecture installation bring the experience of natural daylight- and sometimes the lack of it in the Artic. During the summertime, light shines 24 hours and during the winter time there is the absent of it, where, just the reflection onto the snow can let people have some light.

“The infinity and the scale of the landscape combined with the light and darkness of the arctic climate will be the focal point of our installation. The theme of the 16th International Architecture Exhibition is FREESPACE, and our interpretation is concerned with the creation of an infinite space, which the surroundings of the future Icefjord Centre very much exemplify. The understanding of architecture is a 1:1 experience – here more than anywhere else”, Dorte Mandrup elaborates.


Lighting design - Jesper Kongshaug

240 House Tour Installation in the Swiss Pavillion

Proportion is the main topic of the installation.

Huge agains tiny doors, where the visitor has to be careful to not bump the head against it.

Kitchen worktops at very low level or at very hight level, windows, holes, doors handles, etc.

A mazy house where windows opens against a wall, where human proportions are not anymore sufficient to establish rules and hierarchy, transforming every daily spaces to mysterious and potential dangerous.

Art and objects that has inspired me:

#infinite #immersiveart #daylight #artic #architecture

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