The beauty of Nature

Photo of a rainbow taken in a park in Tokyo (2018)

Beauty, Olafur Eliasson (1993)

"Artwork description & Analysis: Since the beginning of his career, Eliasson has endeavored to conceive visually impactful work with sincerity rather than irony. Completed while still a student at the Royal Danish Academy of Art, Beauty consists of a single spotlight illuminating a section of perforated tubing. When water is pumped through the tube, thousands of tiny water droplets cascade out, producing a curtain of mist, which then reflects the light to produce a rainbow. The sublime work both glorifies and dissects an environmental wonder, revealing Eliasson's unique ability to poetically interpret a scientific process. Interaction with the natural environment along with perception, movement, and personal experience has always been a driving force in Eliasson's work. In this particular work, viewers are encouraged to move around and engage with the piece. In using their bodies to control their perspective, viewers manipulate a manmade ethereal phenomenon, and become responsible for their own dialogue with the work. Eliasson aims to heighten perceptual awareness, compelling individuals to become more connected to the space around them."

Spotlight, water, nozzles and hose - Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles

I find interesting how art meets science. How artist could collaborate with scientists to gain and to show a better understanding of a scientific natural process and light, is one of the most thrilling enlace that we can use and manipulate.

#thebeautyofnature #installation #science

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