"Catastrophe and the Power or Art" at Mori,Tokyo

-"Felix Gonzalez- Torres

Born 1957 Cuba, and died 1996 in Florida, USA.

"Untitled (Beginning)


Strands of beads, hanging device

Private collection

This work, in which green- based plastic beaded curtains hanging down to the floor, is part of the "Untitled" series (1991-1995) which brought the flasyh, cheap looking curtains often seen in gay bars in the Unitated States bringing into the gallery. In the work, the viewer must intentionally go though the curtain, leading to the experience of a new beginning, as the title indicates. Moreover, by changing shape each time the viewer passes or physically touches it, the curtain expresses the themes of mutability and intimacy that frequently appear in the artist 's work. -"

For the 15° anniversary, Mori museum, inaugurated the exhibition which the theme is: "Catastrophe and the Power of Art" as universal theme that apply to all human beings, such as happiness and love.

-" Given the disasters and tragedies that seem to be a constant presence today, for our 15° anniversary we decided to present an exhibition based on the fundamental theme of how art depicts such events and what role art can play in such circumstances. -"

Some interesting details followed me in relation to my own project:


Mutability, the quality of being changeable (Wikipedia) which I relate to my project as I am developing and experimenting light effects who can mutate and change, manually or automatic in relation with the interaction of the viewer or the user.

#mutability #intimacy #changeable

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