Team Lab - Tokyo

During the trip to Japan, I went to Tokyo to see Team Lab,

a studio that works with immersive art.

Description of the journey

The experience was very much immersive, visually, emotionally and physically.

The projections and themes engaging around people who were completly into the present, which this point I find very interesting because in the society we are always distracted by second noises around us and we tent to leave the present to another time, if it comes.

Antoher point were the interaction between the audience with the installation, an harmony energy around the indoor space, kind of lightness and positivness around it .

It could be interesting whether, also, going forawrd the aim of joyfulness and playfulness of this installation would also be integrated a deeper thinking of giving something a bit more then a "wow factor" to the audience because at the end, what we had , it was a simple ...-" yes, beautiful, but .... then? " lot of investment in this huge installation, serving the society in this saturated world of visuals communications , ....

Blue wall lights inviting you to the journey as a filter

You had to walk bear foot through water, personally I felt it was a kind of depurative aspect before getting immerse in the fantasy world proposed.

The first room was a "wow factor" sensation, disorientating at the first impact, but after 5 seconds you could recognise the path.

Walking bear foot onto mirror surface, music surrounded at rhythm with light and colour effects produces by the vertical hanged LED.

Sometimes fast, sometimes slow motion the effect were produced around you.

Another reality were shown, where thought were put a part for that moment that you could just feeling the moment.

Sometimes felt like that you were inside a tunnel, going very fast without direction, aimless, and then suddently the rhytm of the light effect going fast slow down giving you the possibility to adapt to the new realm.

Second immersive space...a space were you walked in with bear foot , with 50 cm water onto your knee, water was slightly white to perceived more the projections onto it, marine creatures were floting around your legs and around people inside.

Moments of slowiness and moments of fastness, and when the fast time came, the fishes leave a scia of colour behind it, colouring all the surface reminding the colour of autumn.

#immersiveart #lightinstallation #exibithion #interaction #perception #emotions #realm #wowfactor

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