Designart, Tokyo 2018

SUKI by Baku Sakashita

-"The distinctive delicate forms are made from stainless steel wire and tengujo washi paper that is so thin as to be transparent-"

Designart Tokyo 2018 magazine guide, p.13

-"SUKI is a lighting collection combining semi-translucent Japanese paper and thin stainless steel wire. The starting point of this work was to create a contemporary reinterpretation of Isamu Noguchi’s light sculpture AKARI. Suki in Japanese can mean “transparency,” “making paper by hand,” “empty space,” or “refined taste.” The first three respectively represent the transparency of the paper, handcrafting paper, and space or pause (ma). Lighting using Japanese paper generally has its light source fully covered by paper, but with SUKI, light from the light source penetrates the paper and projects geometric forms on the floor and walls as the structure is broken down to give some space (ma).Technically, each part is made by hand, and I attempted to bring traditional skills including application of the skill of using water when stretching paper over the flame of Japanese traditional partition (shoji) to sublimation.-"


I found interesting how the source of light is detached from the geometry element, paper, giving the opportunity to enphataise the first geometric elements (circles or rectangles)

Reading the extract, I am not so sure about the projection of the geometry shadows onto the floor and walls because the source of light is positioned vertical so that cause a dispersion of the light , illuminating the first 2 shapes but not so strong enough to project the all the shapes onto the space surfaces around.

I see an interesting product for the lightness and the use of the delicate and transparent paper.


AKARI Lighting:

'The harshness of electricity is transformed through the magic of paper back to the light of our origin – the sun – so that its warmth may continue to fill our rooms at night.'

Isamu Noguchi

Cut Out the Sky, Yoshiki Matsuyama, (01 Lighthouse 02 Twilight )

-"Forms light with colors that change like sky

Y. Matsuyama, a spirited product designer born in 1987, shows off two pieces of light artwork. Rayleigh scattering, the atmospheric optical phenomenon responsible for the hues of blue skies and sunsets, is the theme of these creations. -"

Designart Tokyo 2018 magazine guide, p.13

Studio website:

Ryuichi Kozeki

-"Illumination that gained esteem in Stockholm Furniture Fair

Designer Ryuichi Kozeki shows off his "Oculus" illumination with straightforward shapes that incorporate architectural light created with the volume of simple structures and the form of spreading radiance. -"

Designart Tokyo 2018 magazine guide, p.13

Studio website:

Hitoshi Makino

"Elegant chandeliers interwoven with two cultures.

These are simple yet gorgeus chandeliers from the hands of Hitoshi Makino. The LED portions are &COSTA in Italy, while the gold leaf ornaments were crafted at Wakabayashi Butsusugu"

Designart Tokyo 2018 magazine guide, p.13

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