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1. I have started the journey of experimenting with light effects in relation to people’s behaviour and wellbeing.. The aim of MY uni project is to incorporate immersive light experiences in people’s daily life.

2. We are surrounded by light patterns, both natural and artificial. that we sometimes take for granted and I have been observing them.I have been fascinated by Ephemeral light – fleeting sparkles of movement in our environment

3. I am interested in finding out how lighting can BENEFIT the biological emotional health or wellbeing of people. Lighting specialists refer to this concept as HUMAN Centric Lighting.

4. Light has got the amazing capacity of letting the “others” decide which form it takes. The light emitted from a source produces : patterns, shadow, reflections, geometries, colours and compositions.My aim is to gather all these elements in one product.

5. Light is strictly correlated with our feelings The sculpturing of light can thrill our sensory system. Similar to ephemeral light, our moods and emotions can also be changeable and short lasting I began to experiment with prototypes that combined movement and light in a geometric composition.

6. For the interim summer show I have been developing an experimental machinery , called Sculpturing Light My goal was to see audience interaction and gain an understanding of their reactions to the lighting effects. -

7. The first experiment was based on small diameter brass and aluminium pipes , LEDs and projection surfaces The phenomenons of these light effects thrilled the viewer as they tried to understand how the effects were produced. The variety of shapes and compositions achievable with such simple components is infinite and inspirational.

8. The second experiment was based on steel pipes of bigger sizes , LEDs and projection surfaces the linear movement was made manual letting the viewer experiment with the projection and velocity. This piece contrasted with experiment 1 it was tangible, concrete and industrial rather than ethereal and soft.

9. The third piece was the most immersive and meditative., This experiment gave me an understanding of how important the projection surface is and the benefit of an automated movement.

10. To conclude...

We are all part of a co-created picture constituting of light patterns created by different lights sources.we create the world where we live, with thoughts and actions but there is a basic matrix where everything is turning around, that is Nature.

Light has got a powerful energy to engage people and let them dream. And the beauty of it is that we can manipulate light to build our most appealing REALITY.

#reality #lighteffect #lightprojection #cocreatedpicture

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