Rotatory solutions

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Rotatory movements have long held a fascination for me.

In the first year of my MA I prototyped a circular white disk with reflective acrylic pieces on it rotating uniformly with the same speed.

For that experiment I have used "MONODEAL Motorized Turntable Display”.

I have been using it a lot, also for other experiments as it has a quiet and smooth rotation, completing a 360 degree rotation every 50 seconds.

I have also tried to hang it vertically onto a wall, and it worked very well, I estimate the maximum weight that you can turn with this motor to be approximately 8 kg.

Another type of rotatory motor that I tested was the windscreen wiper.

Visiting a car breaker’s yard in South London I enquired as to available parts from a vehicle that was being scrapped.

I bought the windscreen wiper mechanism from a Vauxhall car and took it to the studio where I researched the wiring diagrams.

I connected the windscreen wiper motor to a 12 V power supply.

The rotation is quite fast and for now uncontrolled.

To control the speed of the rotation I added a Pulse Width Modulator (PWM) as per the video bellow:

The PWM switches the power on and off at such a speed that you can control with a potentiometer. This varied the speed the windscreen wiper motor.


It was a great and fun test however this idea of using the windscreen wipe motor I set aside for now because it is quite chunky and depending on the aesthetic of the prototype it is important to understand whether to box it or not.

The torque is powerful which gives the opportunity to rotate heavy elements.

On the other hand, I was very happy on purchasing the Motorized Turntable Display as it is quite rare to find a rotatory motor that it is almost silent.

A negative point is that these motors cannot be perfectly controlled, with exception to the speed control offered by the PWM but that has its own limitations, therefore, I will start looking into Arduino to control components such as stepper motors, servo motors, etc. which should afford a higher degree of control.

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