The new age of wellbeing

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Research paper extract:

" Experiencing a reconsideration/rebirth in the lighting industry with the emphasis on human-centric lighting coincides with the huge awareness in the new age disciplines of self-growth where holistic disciplines have been taking place – meditative and healing practices where emphasis is placed on human wellbeing.

The Cambridge Dictionary defines wellbeing as “the state of feeling healthy and happy”, but with the growing consideration given to this concept in recent years attempts have been made to elaborate on the definition.

In a study, The Challenge of Defining Wellbeing, the definition is focussed on wellbeing as a state of equilibrium – a balancing point between the challenges faced by one’s psychological, social and physical needs and the resources available to meet them. The article cites Nic Marks, of the New Economics Foundation as saying: “Wellbeing is not a beach you go and lie on. It’s a sort of dynamic dance and there’s movement in that all the time” (Dodge, R., Daly A.P., Huyton, I., Sanders, L.D., 2012, The challenge of Defining Wellbeing by the International Journal of Wellbeing available at

With these increased levels of human awareness, it is commonplace now to consider many elements that may affect our wellbeing positively or negatively for example the importance of regular exercise and a balanced diet. Following that, it also depends on us to recognise and implement an ambience which fits our requirements.

Ideally lighting for domestic situations would not be an “off-the-shelf” solution but would take into consideration the practical and psychological needs of the end-user.

The awareness of the impact of lighting on the human should be not only be exclusive to architects, lighting designers and corporations but also to everyone that has ever purchased a lamp for their home. "

Photo by pierangelo bettoni on Unsplash

We live in a world where the market is saturated by unnecessary objects, therefore, in my opinion a designer should always has the aim of how to enhance human's wellbeing.

The light world is very wide and broad, however, not all the lighting companies speak about the effects of light on people's wellbeing. Whether for not scientific proves or for a lack of resources, customers should have more support and knowledge on this.

During a house planning time, there is an essential professional figure, the lighting designer, who through his skills is able to plan the light in terms of efficiency, dynamism making light interacting with space in order to create an overall harmony.

Lighting designers focus on the balance and the aesthetic of a space however, who can determine and support a person about the physical and psychological effect create by light?

This question has been at the base of my work for a while. Even if it isn't easy to find scientific proves there are a lot of documents that speak about that.

An association that connects researchers, manufacturers, teachers, practitioners and experts on Light and Colour organising conferences all around the world is: ILA International Light Association

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