Anodise metal?

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During my research and experiments I have been using metal as a material to interact with light.

Recently I have been focusing on these 3 different types:

- copper

- brass

- aluminium

The light effects that are created by shining a light onto these metal surfaces are very interesting as the reflection takes in a percentage of the colour of the metal. For instance, if we use copper, the reflection will be pink, with brass a light yellow-gold, with aluminium a silvery bright grey.

When I work with a material, I try to understand its characteristics and limitations to be able to make the most of it.

In my opinion, the tint the these metals produce is immersive and fascinating as there is a quality in them that connects to natural phenomena. The elemental characteristic of metal has a character that is alchemical and magical.

I will go deeper in another post as this is a fundamental part of my project.

In January I have started to pose questions of why I am using certain materials over others others, so I take a little break to look into anodised metals as they have the possibility of reflecting a more wide spectrum of colours.

I bought different type of anodised metal sheets- 2 mm thickness as the image above

Light reflected onto the anodised metal sheets.

Video showing the reflected light on the anodised metal manually moving the source of light

I have been researching on how I could make a DIY anodised metals and potentially buying a kit.

Tutor Brian Whitewick provided me with some documents relating to the technique and useful links:


It was an interesting week as I briefly learned how anodising metal can be approached and produced, however, I felt that continuing to work with metal that hasn't been coated with a protective or decorative film, in that moment was more interesting, also because I felt that I haven't still discovered the boundaries using different parameters.

Useful links:

Uk factory

Electroplating - Easy DIY Nickel, Copper, Zinc Plating

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