When we stop trying we fail

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I grew up in a small village close to the Alps and the image that I have chosen below represents very well what it can be having courage to try the unknown.

Undiscovered places, where weather conditions could suddenly change can leave the explorer at a mental crossroads -- the moment where you must decide which road to take. Coming back to safety knowing that at least tried or continuing to follow the way up but with unknown risk.

The first solution of coming back is not about failing, it is about having the courage to be honest and accept the circumstances which can lead you to a very much more precious lesson.

Photo by Maja Kochanowska on Unsplash

Positivity during the design process is essential. Even when we suffer self-doubt, or when we make mistakes and have to correct them, often improvising, a designer tends to find a satisfactory solution.

To "fail" is extreme. Usually, we are our own worst critic.

Therefore, in my own world experience, the concept of failure occurs when a client is not satisfied with the quality of my work.

In my practice as an interior designer, high standards of accuracy and communication are essential. If one element goes wrong, such as ambiguous drawing or miscommunication with the specialist, the outcome can lead to a disappointed client and work that would be extremely costly and time consuming to re-do.

So, I talk about failure when I didn't reach the expectations of a client or customer.

Now, what is exactly expectation? An expectation is a supposition, an assumption, a belief, that people tend to have at the beginning of a project or collaboration.

Expectations from a society asking to be successful and up front, expectations from your family and your friends, etc.

The truth is that it is not about others ...it s about us. Our inner consciousness and our priorities.

It is about the process of living, not about the result.

This concept is suggested by Bruno Munari who wrote "Making , is a continuous research focusing on the process not on the final solution".

In order to grow we need to set up goals so we can be productive, innovative and spend our time as best as we can.

Innovation is a process; creativity is the most important part of the innovation. To have innovative thinking is integral to the experimental approach to a project.

And obviously, experimenting means trying something that we are not sure about. Experimenting implicates failure or achievement and often both.

Failure's examples reported from Design Maker students

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