8 Minutes

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The sun, our solar system’s star, is a source of energy, radiance and brilliance.

This powerful shining mass is a unique source of life, without which animal and plant species would not survive.

Sunlight gives energy to plants that in turn grow and provide food and oxygen for life on Earth.

Whether directly, or indirectly, light is indispensable to all nature. Indeed, humankind needs sunlight in which to thrive with a mental and biological equilibrium.

This image of the sun taken on October 24, 2014, shows a significant solar flare that erupted from a large active region.

It takes exactly 500 seconds for photon to reach the earth from the sun.

These 500 seconds, give the inspiration for the performance piece "8 minutes" in which the Alexander Whitley Dance Company with scientist collaboration depict a performance where dance and powerful visual effect are combined in a unique piece: "A striking, immersive environment of dance, music and film to illuminate our relationship with the star that gives us life."

Dancers floating and moving radiate intensity and liberty, reminiscent of the spectacular forces that emanate from the masterpiece that is the sun in our universe. The combination of visual effects and the human body movement has an immense fascination as it can evoke very powerful feelings. The synergy between the dancer and the light produced from the screen is particularly strong.

The high quality of the representation of the sun as  a visual effect gives a sensation of being organic and real. You almost forget that it is artificial and that is the beauty.

In relation to my work, I pose the question:

What would the difference be in terms of the human affect of the visual effects I'm creating between

1) Analogue e.g. witnessing the light source be projected with movement through a metal object onto a surface FIRST HAND

2) Creating this effect through another medium, such as animation, with, say, the movement algorithm of my experiments and the colour palette of various metals modelled and combined.

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