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The experiment below began as a concept as part of the experimental machinery I entitled "Sculpturing Light"  shown during the Work In Progress exhibition in 2018. (Link below) 

I have experimented with round metal pipe quite a lot and I have always found that there is a lot of potential with thus material.

I would like to start my post with the sketch below as it was one of the first ideas when I though about how to deal with the aesthetic of the object I was going to display in my Research Sharing exhibition. 

Sketch 7/12/2018

The light effect is very powerful. The beauty lies in the simplicity of it. 

The circumferences consist of points equidistant from a fixed point which is the centre. 

The effect projected onto the wall looks three dimensional. 

Th pipe is made of aluminium with the inside slightly polished, 200mm length and 14mm diameter. 

Experiment showed at the Research Sharing

Experiment showed at the Research Sharing 

Because the light effect is powerful by itself I wanted the object to be as minimalist aesthetically as was practical.

To hang the pipe I used two laser cut grey acrylic elements shown in the picture below. 

Two black strings forming two triangles completed the structure. 


This experiment is one of my favourites for its simplicity and efficiency.

During the Research project this particular piece wasn't often commented on as there were other pieces that were more interactive however I believe that the magic of generating concentric shapes with such simple materials is very powerful and magical. 

This object is a modest LightArt installation that could be used in an domestic environment. 

It could be more interactive by adding more components such as sensors, however the more elements we add and more risk of losing the beauty of the simplicity we have. 

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