MA final summer show – first thoughts

Aggiornato il: 5 lug 2019

My main objective when considering how to exhibit the culmination of my 2 years research is in creating a balance between the light effects and the sculptural structures that will support them.

Sketch concept 17May 2019

Sketch concept 24 May 2019

I want to design a trilogy of lighting objects.

The first is using the pipe with the concentric light effect which will fade subtly in a "breathing" movement.

The second will be a floor lighting object with a reflective metal bended sheet resulting in a flower light effect of the wall.

The third will be ceiling to floor, a copper or brass laser cut circle with a fading ring behind to give the reflection.

The objects will have the same language.

Mood board that inspired me:

- Candela di Vals Peter Zumthor

Sketch of the first prototype:

Sketch of the 2° prototype:

Sketch of the 3° prototype:

First details sketches:

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