Considerations after installing the Show

My aim when considering my MA exhibition was to create a contemplative space to showcase my light objects and their light effects. 

One of the most important things for me when considering my final designs was to have created a coherent visual ‘language’ between the objects.

I found this language with a combination of steel structures suspending bright pieces of scrap metals, giving them an illusion of preciousness and a ‘centre stage’ position. These components are the conduit for the light effects.

The light effects produced are distillations of previous experiments, more subtle and refined than those displayed in my Research Sharing.

I made a conscious decision not to ‘black out’ this exhibition space as I had done previously but rather just to put my space into a pleasing shaded light. This was largely to simulate a more realistic ambience but also because I wanted to give equal prominence to the sculptural design of the objects as well as the light effects.

I am very happy with this outcome and with the detailing of the prototypes, I had to make some sacrifices for the final show.

Having learnt from the previous MA exhibitions and also from my experience in my previous career as an interior designer I remained flexible in the details of my final designs.

An example of this is the LED array that I had extensively assembled and refined  for Prototype 2 simply wasn’t powerful enough when tested in the space, so I have replaced that with a static LED spotlight.

I also ended up displaying 4 objects rather than the 3 I had intended to, simply because I saw the opportunity and had another design in mind. 

The beauty of working at prototype level meant I could keep the dynamic qualities of experimentation but with a level of refinement.

Having now tested these pieces in a (close to) ‘real-world’ environment I can now start to see further refinements I can make with my designs.

There are elements of my research which didn’t make it into the final show, such as using motors to introduce kinetic effects. This is partly due to being aware of the importance of fulfilling a coherent language as mentioned above, but also down to considerations such as motor noise, which was slightly at odds with the peaceful environments I wish to create.

With regard to my continuing theme of wellbeing, I feel that the objects I have created fulfil that role. Gentle, ethereal and inviting, suspended in a space in which I hope people will find  themselves relaxing and contemplating in.

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