Considerations of the 2 years MAVA

When I began the Masters I was a bit sceptical about the methodology that the university and the tutors adopted.

The total freedom that we had was unexpected, which I felt resulted in a loop of experimentation where I could easily lose myself.

Now that I am finishing I can se that the methodology employed of freedom to explore encouraged me to deeply understand what I wanted to achieve – not just for this course but also a direction for my life. I have discovered my passion.

As a result of this course I deeply see myself reflected in my work. A contrast between rough materials, such as the scrap metals that have been integral to my final pieces, and the soft ethereal effect of light. This relates to me – my one side of strength and stubbornness contrasted with a fragility and sensitivity.

I always try to keep a balance of these two parts of me. It's a constant self-work.

I have discovered that this balancing act should always be applied to my design work as well. This has given me a benchmark with which to accept of reject ideas and consider every component.

I see the completion of a design as being when the object I have been working on is stripped down to the essential – nothing more, nothing less.

Now that I have my lighting objects in front of me I see that they are successful in this design aim – every handmade component serves a purpose and the materials are neither rare nor expensive but the light effects have valuable and unique properties.

My process of distilling ideas toward the final pieces has been chaotic at times but it has felt magical and alchemical as different combinations of materials, conversations, books read and collaborative advice has led me to this essentiality in my final conclusion.

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