Critical evaluation of my practice and future development

My work is based around designing light experiences which encourage the viewer to pause and contemplate them. It's about being present in a space and having a conscious awareness of the experience.

My design skill-set before I started the Masters was largely one of interior architecture which gave me an interest in and understanding the importance of proportion, geometry and materiality as well as general lighting principles.

Alongside this, I have always been interested in holistic disciplines such as meditation, alternative therapies etc and as a designer I want to integrate some of these philosophies into my practice.

I relate my work to having potential in a therapeutic realm, combining design and wellbeing.

The bigger aim is to enhance people's wellbeing through light experiences.

No machinery can give us a higher state of awareness however technology combined with matter and light can contribute to the creation of a space that is meditative and peaceful.

I create light objects where the design could be scalable to fit any environment from a domestic realm to a gallery space.

Different types of metals are a constant throughout my experiments and reflections are a key component of my designs. Reflections are like an abstraction, or a secondary source.

My design process has been largely based around found materials such as scrap metals, which I have manipulated and shaped and made central to my pieces.

We live in a world saturated with objects, disposable, and often with an assumed obsolescence. My aim is to design objects that can have a positive impact and a materiality that suggests permanence.

My immediate goal is to create a muti-disciplinary design studio where experimentation and wellbeing are key words. My work will occupy a unique place between science, the holistic world and design. This, in the longer term, will be achieved by collaborating with scientists, programmers, therapists and other specialists sensitive to human wellbeing

In parallel to this I will pursue funding to create mobile sensory spaces with a view to enhancing wellbeing and gathering data which I can use when considering lighting objects.

I will continue to incorporate further academic research in my field of design, lighting and health, with a view to completing a PhD on a part-time basis.

My work is based around designing light experiences

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