Sirmione and its light - a personal reflection

Aggiornato il: 5 lug 2019

A little pearl with Roman and medieval memories on the quiet and poetic peninsula of Lake Garda in Italy, Sirmione. The "Scaligero Castel" at the beginning of the town defines the entrance to the distinctive and picturesque borough. After walking though the historical and interlace centre, where stone streets define the landscape with their unique shops, we approach the opening of the lake.

Lake Garda is reminiscent of the sea for its visual undefined and coloured landscape. With regards to light, there are parameters to consider: the sky, the water, the climate, the sun's position and the surrounding landscape.

A colour gradient from dark grey to pale pink combined with pale light blue was framing the landscape.

It was approximately 10:30 am in the morning when some sun rays transpired through the cloud forming light stripes bouncing on the water surface.

An important factor is the motion, slow frequent, natural soft waves sound was embellishing the scene, however it wasn't just the movement of the water surface to increase the sense of calmness, but the constant imperceptible drift of the clouds allowing the light to show and disappear, almost the most impactful aspect of the scenario.

Approaching the tip of the peninsula, on the ruin of the "Grotte di Catullo" this amazing landscape opened to our eyes. On the forefront, wide stones are lying underneath the water giving the coral crystalline slightly beige hue and transparent tone to the water, fading to a darker and deeper blue at the back.

Trees and bushes become a natural frame to catch the great landscape. In this area normally, there is a mild climate; Olives trees and cypresses are the original famous plants of Lake Garda, however the mild climate allow to grow bushes of wild rose, oleander, the mimosa and the acacia, the gorse and the forsythia.

Light and climate are two aspects that combine together. It is a wide and complex theme however in a simplistic way, the less filters sun rays have before touching the earth, the more powerful light is. Clouds, mist and fog diffuse the light changing objects' shadows, reflections, contrasts and giving us a shifting, varying visual perception.

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