Liquid effect

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Experiment n. 027


Representing liquid with a light effect consisting of a light source travelling on a linear motion reflecting on sheet metal positioned at intervals along the track.

Laser cut pieces ready for assembly



- designed and laser cut MDF 6 mm, chromed aluminium collected from the scrap metal yard

Light source:

- 47698 - All LED 16mm Dia. 1 Watt IP44 LED Marker Light (Warm White - White Finish)

- 47713 - All LED 1-3 x 1w LED Driver (350mA Constant Current)

Dimensions: overall 40cm length x 30 cm

Surrounding parameters: studio

Experiment description

A track was made from two pieces of copper pipe with a diameter of 4.5 mm, supported within custom designed and laser cut components forming a start and end point for the light source to travel between. The vehicle of movement that carried the light source was attached onto the track.

A manual motion pulled the element from one end to the other illuminating the sheet metal components which projected a dynamic reflection onto the wall behind.


- Manual operation not smooth enough. Possibly experiment with linear automatic stepper motor? - Investigate using one piece of sheet metal rather then individual fragments. - study the aesthetic of a potential final piece The actual light effect created in this experiment is a success because it is clear, strong, organic, vibrant, defined and dynamic.

#manualmotion #linearmovement #chrome #liquideffect

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