Looking from a different perspective

Aggiornato il: 5 lug 2019

My journey of working with Light began with simply looking and admiring at daily light phenomenons.

Nature is the most inspiring and stimulating medium of ideas and concepts.

I have trained my eyes to constantly looking at where the light is coming from, the quality that it possesses, the colour of it, if it comes from a natural or artificial source of light and many other considerations.

For instance, a video taken in Venice during my trip to the Venice architecture Biennale. This light effect onto a table that comes from a glass of the famous venetian spritz. Why am I attracted by it and why do I record these phenomena?

What fascinate me is the colour, the motion and the light effect fluid shape. The glass contains the liquid however the light effect is seen in the stem of the glass. This is dependant on the position of the source of light, in this case , the sun.

Light is such an important aspect of our life, indispensable and unique. There are so many facets to be considered and studied, natural phenomena on the earth at the human scale, from the deepest part of the oceans to the highest point of our cosmos.

Below a video that I took in Kyoto. The soft sun light passing though the free fronds, gently shifting creating a pleasant and contemplative effect on the external wall.

It happened a lot that during I am flying I am participating at wonderful light effects, as

below, a friend of mine interested in photography catches this light phenomena during its trip to China.

Photography taken by James Doroty

We cannot see light until it gets in contact with surfaces.

Light interacts with the atmosphere if there are any particles suspended within that reflect or scatter light.

This natural phenomena can be seen when there is dust, water, pollutions and when light combines with it a sense of volume will be created, creating sun, rays, haze or fog.

The main question that I have been always asking to myself is:

how do I feel under a certain type of light? What are my emotions and my thoughts?

How things appear to our eyes and emotions depend on the perspective that we look from.

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