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In the early 1940s, Cecil Stokes, British filmmaker, produced Auroratone films, a movie to use in the treatment of mentally disturbed patients.

Abstract forms were projected on a screen accompanied by the singing of Bing Crosby.

The main idea, was "mimicking synaesthesia with the help of machinery " as Walter Forsberg states in his article "God Must Have Painted Those Pictures: Illuminating Auroratone's Lost History" (

This is the only example of an original Cecil Stokes Auroratone that exists on the internet

Source found in youtube:

Auroratone films for the treatment of psychotic depressions in an army general hospital:


If I take in consideration my work "Sacred Heart I also speak about abstract color patterns, and motion pictures. The movement that I also use is slow and constant.

There is a blending of golden shapes overlapping each other, and all the light effect motion is hypnotic and soothing.

[1] Douglas Jones, T. (1972). The Art of Light and Color. Van Nostrand Reinhold Company, p.96.

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