Natural phenomena

Aggiornato il: 30 giu 2019

I think the most powerful way to research ideas and inspiration is to go in the nature and contemplate.

This photo was taken by me during a winter walk at 7am in Brockwell park.

The light effect of the sun rays through the tree fronds is powerful and thrilling to my emotions.

The morning mist is an essential character in the scene as, without it, the light effect would not be possible.

The sun's inclination is also an important factor in this picture as it is approximately 30 degrees angle inclination from the ground letting the sun rays travel through the trees forming the light effect.

As soon as I saw this natural phenomena I thought about the work that was part of my design development: "Silent Sonorous".

A silent light effect, ethereal and ephemeral.

My memory connected the two light effects for their forms and sinuous ascendent lines.

Two materially different light effects, the first as the main important source of life, the sun, differs from my work, made by an artificial source of light.

The first effect from an unexpected fleeting phenomena as opposed to the second that was studied, controlled and static.

The beauty of an unpredicted natural phenomenon is always a surprise implying a thrill of emotion.

When the movement is slow and contemplative normally the emotion is pleasant and enjoyable.

The effects I create tend to sit in this region, as the aim of my practice is to improve humans' wellbeing through aesthetics, movement and sound.  

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