Night's wing

Aggiornato il: 5 lug 2019

Night's wing is part of the Research Sharing.

It is one of the most appreciated and commented piece from the viewers.

The characteristic that most has been commented on Night's wing is the thrilling contrast between the roughness of the object and the actual ethereal light effect.

This particular contrast is a topic that comes up a lot in my work. A singular post related to this theme is written on another page (link below).

A highly polished stainless steel is positioned in a metal framed with a intense torch illuminating it.

The picture above shows one of the potential light composition that this experiment could have.

The light effect looks like three dimensional, ethereal and to enphataise the visual motion of it I have decided to put two little fans at the bottom of the white fabric where the light effect was projected.

With this simple system the textile was moving with a slow and constant motion which it helped the light projection being more stirring and contemplated.

Different light compositions tested

Viewers comments:


This piece gives me a lot of motivation to go forward on understanding the quality of the movement.

Adding a simple and soft motion can be really important and impactful.

The two fans weren't enough to support a powerful movement however it did it very well as some of the viewers catched its softness and tranquility affect.

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