Perspectives on beauty – Part One

In my search to define the meaning of beauty I asked some people around me what beauty means to them and how they would express it in a few words.

Of course it isn't simple to speak about beauty, as beauty is ethereal, it comes and goes, it can be dependent on circumstance and it is often said to be subjective.

I wonder whether Beauty is an emotion.

Looking at this photo of a production by Momix, a dance company based in Washington, I find beauty in the femininity, the flow, the composition, the vibrant colours, the light harmony, the joy in the dancers' expressions and the organic and soft shapes.

Source from

A photo taken by me in Clapham Common during the start of spring.

It gives me a sense of beauty. The seemingly chaotic distribution of the daisies at the same time has a sense of order.

Small intricate circles combine together in a wide expanse of grass to form a floral constellation.

I have always been fascinated by the closeness between elderly couples.

The kindness, the love and the warmth that they express is something beautiful that touches the heart.

I find melancholy in my feelings as well as love – and this is Beauty.

The practise of meditation can give us the feeling of connectivity throughout people and the earth and cosmos. The beauty of feeling as part of the whole provides immense peace and quietness.

A quote from an interview with James Turell that has resonated in me for some time now and which I would like to investigate further is: "We are all part of a co-created picture"

The power of connection and community is beauty.

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