Prot. 01- Geometry and the base

Aggiornato il: 30 giu 2019


- Designing the base that will support the structure, without any welding, in a way that is minimal and simple to install.

1 step

When I started working on the 3 prototypes I was sure that I would not weld or glue any of the elements.

I wanted the structures to be engineered in such a way that they would stand strongly, supported by the way the components fitted together.

I started thinking how the 6mm rod could fit onto the base, having the weight of the 250mm pipe and the metal detail that holds it.

I started to draw geometries on CAD and at the end I decided to finalise a concept of having 2 rings of 5 mm each sitting on top of each other.

The first ring was to have a hollow part which would allow the 6 mm vertical rod to clip onto it.

The little hole would serve for letting the electric cables pass through

The other long slot would allow an element to slide in and join the two rings together.

Laser cutting negative shapes:

5 mm Mild Steel laser cut base:

Milling in an angle to let the rod slid into the base

Sliding the detailed rod into the base:

Next steps:

- fixing thumb screws

- thinking about the end of the 6mm rod

- thinking about the patination of the metal


I have achieved what I set out to do. The pieces fit together logically and firmly and the structure has a solidity that complements the light source.

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