prot. 02 - Geometry and the details

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Aim: understand how to fix the "lotus" copper sheet onto the rod

Originally I had considered structuring this piece with tensioned wires

After various attempts with wires I took the decision to not use this language because I felt that it was lacking in solidity, which I had decided should be a consistent theme throughout my three prototypes.

Below is the sketch that I would follow:


copper sheet 2mm thickness, length 500mm, width 200mm

black mild steel bar 15mm x 30mm

black mild steel rod

laser cut mild steel pincers 3mm

Drilling a 30° angled hole into the BMS rod. The hole has 8 mm diameter to allow the vertical rod to pass through.

Preparing the detail to join the 8mm bar to the lotus copper sheet

Drilling 2 holes in the middle to fit the detail

Detail that will fit below the copper sheet.

Bending the copper sheet:

Clamping the copper sheet to form a teardrop shape:

Fitting the shape into the detail:

During the process I had 1 main issues that came up:

- the rod spinning towards the cantilever part as the holding part is not centred with the piece to allow the light to bounce on a certain amount of inside area;

One of the weakest points is where the copper sheet meets the little block of structure

I need to think a method to fix it very well .

Spinning movement:

2° Step:

(25 of June 2019)

Photo of concept of how to solve the rod spinning issue:

Creating a slot in the pipe to allow the metal bar to pass through:

Welding the bar to the rod that will sit vertically inside the pipe

This "L" concept allows the 2 forces to be stopped.

Cutting a slot onto the end of the rod:

Final result which solved the spinning issue

3° step:

Testing a solution of fixing 2 threaded bars through the block and connecting them to the copper metal sheet to increase stability

It's a solution to fix the issue however I am not happy with the visual impact of the nuts .

At this stage, as the timeframe is very strict I will stick with this and in the near future I will refine the fixings.

I have annealed part of the copper surface as I wanted to add a detail that suggests the metal's malleability and the opening of a leaf in nature.


I am happy with the overall shape, proportions and materials

My points where I want to improve in the near future are:

- fixing detail of the holding copper sheet, I think I can find a solution where it will be more refined

- the cylinder deformed by 1 mm when I cut the vertical slot resulting in the laser cut circular cap above not fitting perfectly

Next steps:

considering whether I should patinate all the steel components or leave them as they are.

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