Lighting - prot. 02

Aggiornato il: 30 giu 2019

Aim: understanding which lighting is best for the 2° prototype light effect

At the beginning I thought that the lighting would be static using a warm temperature LED sitting on the curve of the copper sheet.

During experimentation, I discovered while moving the light source a few centimetres up and down that the movement gave a representation of the opening of a lotus flower. I decided to incorporate movement to the piece.

As I had previously experimented with motors but found the noise to be at odds with the serenity of the lighting objects I opted to create a bespoke lighting unit consisting of 3 programmable LEDs which would fade gently from one end of the other in an arch shape


3 LEDs

3 PCB mounting boards

laser cut acrylic to sit the LEDs and the boards



Fitting the mini board onto the acrylic laser cut

My aim is to have each Leds fadeing slowly

#Lighting #process #soldering #arduino #Leds #circuit #programming

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