prot. 03- Geometry and structure

Aggiornato il: 4 lug 2019


Testing the geometry and the details to hold the parts.

Making the base :


- laser cutting base structure

- mild steel rod 20 mm diam.

- mild steel rod 8 mm diam.

Creating the base with the same principle as the first prototype in bigger scale.

Difficulties encountered:

- I have been milling in an angular direction the rod having the 2 slots perfectly aligned.

- drilling a deeper hole as the drill bit in the workshop has a limited length

With different equipment I could have drilled a deeper hole so the structure would have been more solid

Final result:

Studying how to hold the metal sheet onto the rod:

Detail for holding the metal sheet:

2.5 mm steel bar

black mild steel block

Final result:




the detail to hold the metal sheet has to be strong and tight as the metal sheet has got a substantial weight

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