Prot. 01 - Geometry and details

Aggiornato il: 30 giu 2019

Aim: understand and test the joint between the pipe and the structural rod

Materials: metal bar black mild steel

(4th of June) 1° step:

First hole 16 mm diam. to slide in the pipe

(11th of June) 2° step:

Making the second hole to fit the 6 mm rod

(11th of June) 3rd step:

Next step will be to understand which thumb screw would be best to hold the pipe and the rod in place . I want to use the same concept for its simplicity and coherence.

I ordered different diameters and thread thicknesses to have a better understanding of which one would be the best to use in terms of aesthetics and functionality.

After deciding that the thumb screw with 3mm diameter (M3) as thread was suitable

I start to Tap the metal bar.

Details with curved side:


For the other prototypes I want to have the same language using the same type of joint as the above, what I will do differently is to buy a longer metal bar approx. 50 cm so it can be shaped in the sanding machine easier as the above was quite difficult as handling a small piece like that I could easily be hurt.

Next steps will be to buy the same thumb screws but with a shorter length to fit them correctly in place.


The result on tapping the metal is precise.

(12th of June) 4th step:

Aim: understanding how to close the pipe and put the power

U cable in position

I want to use a brass rod at the extremity of the brass pipe. Will do the same for the copper one and the aluminium one.


Brass rod diameter as brass pipe's diameter:

Next steps:

- drilling the hole at the centre of the cap to let the electric cables pass through

- fix the rubber washer to the rod ( is it the best solution?)

5th step:

- sanding the brass rod so the surface will be with circular lines

- drilling the first hole 4 mm diamater to let the electric cables go through

- drilling a wider hole to sit the rubber


the rubber rings that I have are used in plumbing and they are too thin

I have to rethink about this detail


I decided that rather than match the metal of the tube, this cap should be made of steel to match the structure.

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