prot. 02- Geometry- the base

Aggiornato il: 30 giu 2019

Aim: understanding the design and base structure

Laser cutting the top cap which will sit at the top of the tube.


(11th of June)

Understanding the base of the second prototype

Black mild steel length: 400 mm

Diameter: 114 mm

Milling the Black metal steel pipe to allow the rod to slot in:


- the 8 mm rod slides away

- the weight of the cylinder is enough to support the rod's weight but not enough for the detail that will be added onto it.

Next steps:

21 June 2019

1° attempt using a copper bar


1- annealing the copper bar – when it reached a cherry colour I started to shape it

2- to shape the bar I used my hands with the help of a hammer always having the reference of the diameter of the cylinder

3- after finding the shape that I wanted I drilled holes and put a rivet through it to fix the two parts together

Outcome: it was an attempt to solve 2 main structural issues, the first the sliding of the rod and the second the falling of the cylinder, that's why I shaped the copper bar inclinated, however I am not happy with the visual language that it gives to the overall prototype.

Next step:

I will try another detail to solve the two issues.


Solution to the structural issue in this post here:

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