prot. 03- Lighting

Aggiornato il: 5 lug 2019

Aim: testing lighting of the third prototype


- 4 x 1/4 circle controllable LED strips

- Arduino

Testing quarters of the circle:

Soldering the LED quarters onto the full circle:

Outcome: I am not happy with the quality of white that I had from the circle.

As the LEDs did not producer a true white, but a RGB white, I felt this was not appropriate for my work.

Step 2:

- NeoPixel Warm White LED w/ Integrated Driver Chip - 3000K

- 5050 LED breakout PCB

- breadboard

- arduino

Aim: test the NeoPixel, their light quality onto a breadborad

Soldering the LEDs onto the board and pins.

Diagram and spec of the NeoPixel:

LEDs positioned onto the breadboard and wired up:

Outcome: the quality of the white light is much improved from the first experiment with the RGB LEDs.

Step 3:

Making the circuit onto a circular base which it will be the main lighting source for the 3rd prototype


- NeoPixel Warm White LED w/ Integrated Driver Chip - 3000K

- 5050 LED breakout PCB

- soldering kit

- laser cut MDF base for guide

- wires

- resistor

I have laser cut the circle to give me a precise guide

I soldered the LEDs to the tiny board and positioned with blue tack onto the MDF circle.

Me soldering the LEDs onto the boards

After soldering all the LEDs onto the boards and positioned in place, I started to solder short cables as per the following diagram:

Final result:


wiring all the short cables was a challenge, however I am happy with the final result.

Next steps: programming the arduino with the aim of fading a block of 4 LEDs around the ring and refining the design and the wires.

External Links:


I have changed my plan for prototype 3 and will no longer be using a ring of LEDs.

While this was a good learning experience some of the difficulties I encountered were as follows:

1) Erratic behaviour of circuit, probable cause soldering error

2) DIY qualities of the circuit meant the wiring was casting a shadow onto the wall during testing.

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