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Flyer shared at UAL to promote the event

I had the opportunity to share a solo work in progress at UAL Camberwell. I normally work in an studio environment where the space is limited, therefore I have to build and deconstruct prototypes systematically, sometimes missing the overall picture.

The aim

The aim was to gain as much information, outcome and criticism from students, tutors, and guests as I could, giving me the opportunity to go forward with my work. It was an occasion that helped me to synthesise and divide my experiments in a clear and defined way. Moreover it was a productive experience, as in one space I could critique my experiments bringing to the surface the negative and positive aspects and the similarities and differences between the various works.

The Space

A room of about 28m2 with wide windows facing east which I completely blacked out. The walls were painted white and the floor a grey polished hard cement. These materials were quite important as they were the main surfaces onto which the light effects were projected.


Before gathering all the materials together my question that had constantly helped me to decide which experiments to pursue and which to move away from was:

Which experiment could be the most powerful to let me gain more feedback and proceed with my research?

I started to plan my space about one day before the opening as I didn't have access to it beforehand. I brought 4 boxes containing the experimental material and I took them all out. I started to combine all the elements and doing so began to understand those that were most powerful and that had the most potential.

Having all the boxes opened in the room, with the blackout curtains on the windows, I started to imagine the space and imagine the route the visitors would take as they navigated the room. What I found challenging was to imagine all the light effects from the different experiments in the space together because as I have said I am used to working in a one light effect at a time.

With some experimentation and movement of the pieces, the layout of the space began to take shape and it became clear which pieces would work. I was then able to decide on a final layout of the 12 pieces.

I liked the idea of leaving the light objects un-named as it gives the openness to the viewer to simply experience the effects and if they so wish, to give a name base on their feelings, sensations and memories.

With regards to this theme, during the show some people asked me if I had chosen names for the pieces and after I said not yet they immediately started to think and give names which they were very associated with natural phenomenons, such as "dawn", "sunset", "cosmo" and "explosion".

Outside the room there was a table where I put a questionnaire with 2 questions. In my opinion having a written note and comment from the audience is important, it helps you to have data which you can always re-read in the future and every time you re-read you can capture other meanings helping you to improve your project.


It is very interesting how light, such an ethereal phenomenon with no defined limits can fulfil a space.

The dark areas in the space are such an important element, it has to be proportionally correct to the illuminated space. It is like a contrast of the use of white space in 2D layout.

One sentence that came up that day was that the experiments had to breathe, meaning that every experiment needs its own space.

Many people filled out the feedback forms, providing me with a rich resource of feedback and inspiration. People think differently, they have a different story and different approaches to things.

The most beautiful outcome is the diversity of comments and ideas that everybody gifted in that particular event.

If you are interested in more sources you can find the link to every experiment below:

triangle experiment

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Front view photo


Left wall photo


Back right wall




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